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How to order a custom bobblehead

Meet difficulties placing your order? No worries, we make the easiest custom bobblehead order process in the world 


1st. Brows the products pages and choose the model you like.


You can either choose the bobble head models in different categories. If you have on idea what type of bobble head your expected bobbleheads belongs to, please browse the category of all bobbleheads and pick your favorite one among the them.


In any cases if you don’t like the pre-made models, you can design your bobblehead from head to toe by choose the items in category of “Fully Custom” with is at second row of the categories list.


How to order bobbleheads


2nd. Submit your photos and choose the required options.


How to purchase bobbleheads

On the light brown area of the product page, you will see a option box unfolded. Your will be allowed to upload the pictures and choose the options.


Please upload your photos by clicking the “Browse” buttons and choose the hair, eyes and skin colors. If the photo sizes are too big to upload, please skip the uploading and just choose the color options then send your photos to service@bobbleheads.sg.


3rd. Processed to Checkout


When you have added the product into your cart, you will be lead to the checkout and payment section.